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Yoga is one of the amazing field these days which provide you lots of opportunities. People are more cautious about their health like never before. They want to be fit, look smart, present themself better than others and moving towards a healthy lifestyle. So for those who want to make a career in yoga Have great opportunities as yoga is a popular activity among the people from all age groups.

But many are confused about what more they can do in this field. Here we will be discussing more what one can do if they want to make a career in Yoga. If you are keen to make a career in Yoga first you need to train yourself best at it. There are various courses available which will help you to build your career.

There are different courses you can choose as per your convenience.short and long term courses are also available its all up to you to decide how much time to spend to be more perfect in yoga and stand out from the rest of the others.

You can do a Degree, Master course in Yoga, different short and long term certificates are also available everywhere where you can complete it. Foundation courses are available for those who are just want to begin there career in yoga.

Here’s a compiled list of what you can do once you complete your courses and have a great career ahead:
– Yoga Instructor
– Yoga therapist
– Yoga teacher at private and government schools
– Yoga Instructor
– Yoga specialist
– Yoga advisor

Once you become a yoga instructor, you considered as a professional fitness trainer in yoga. You train people on how to take perfect yoga postures, develop flexibility, meditation, etc. You can start  your yoga classes and run your own business

As a Yoga teacher, you can join any school as there are a number of vacancies and in every school, yoga is made mandatory for the students. Also, you can start your own yoga academy or Yoga center, teach individuals or groups of people. If you are also good at communication, interpersonal skills, quality to inspire others to push yourself to perform difficult asanas. You can earn more in this field.

Even if you are keen about going abroad and teach yoga there its another best option. People from foreign countries are very fond of yoga. Yoga professionals are in high demand. You need to also work on your communication skills. For that, you need to get a QCI certificate which helps you to teach yoga abroad as you become an International Yoga professional. By completing QCI Level 1 course you become a Yoga Instructor and after you complete QCI Level 2 you are recognized as an International Yoga Teacher.

But for that, you need to clear the exams which include a theory test and practicals are also conducted to see how well you are in yoga. You can also choose to be a yoga specialist and earn a good salary. You can also work in a hospital as in Many hospitals yoga is conducted weekly.

You can earn from 10,000 to 25,000 monthly and if you are a professional in this field, have done Masters or Ph.D. in Yoga you can earn around 1 lakh monthly. It is considered as very reputed job profile where you can spend time with yourself,  enjoy teaching other people, help them to get rid of different problems, can also represent your country and live a very peaceful,  joyful and healthy life.

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