Tourist places in Delhi

Delhi is known as”dil walo ki Delhi” which is correctly said because when you visit there you will feel the respect and love people show towards each other. Delhi is a dream destination for those who love to travel and explore new places. Delhi has a rich culture and famous historical stories, Great historical monuments, markets where you can enjoy shopping for different stuff and much more. It’s one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. If you visit Delhi, you will feel that its a massive and very unique place you ever visited. So are you ready to know the best Tourist places in Delhi?

Everything present here adds more beauty to this place. Delhi just perfectly presents India, its Diversified culture, as people from many parts of the country are residing here. Delhi shows the correct mixture of modern lifestyle and traditional values.

So if you have planned your trip to Delhi here are a few must-visit places and feel the magic being at such a magical and beautiful place.

1.Humayun Tomb :
Built-in 1570 has a great cultural significance for being the first garden-tomb of India. Located in the Nizamuddin East in Delhi. Humayun Tomb was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Humayun Tomb represents the beautiful and unique Mughal architecture. Many visitors visit this place, on Sunday you will a large number of people standing out in a row to see this powerful and building constructed in the Mughal era. Humayun’s tomb shows great  Architectural achievement of the highest order. To explore the history of this place surely visit here so that you don’t miss to see such an architectural genius monument. It takes you completely back to the glorious and rich history of India.

2.Qutub Minar :
Qutub Minar which is built in an Indo-Islamic Architecture style, constructed with Red sandstone and Marble. It is the tallest Brick Minaret in the world. This place is one of the points of attraction for many visitors.situated in the middle of Delhi UNESCO has included Qutub Minar in its world heritage site. Qutub Minar is about 73 mt tall .it has a great historical significance. Around Qutub Minar, you can see various ancient structures such as Alai Darwaza, Iron Pillar.

3.Delhi Markets :
Delhi is also famous for its crowded market throughout the year as many visitors spend time in these markets and these markets are on the must-visit list for every tourist. One of the very popular being the Delhi Haat well known for shopping stuff, rosewood, sandalwood, silk and wool fabrics, gems, beads, etc. Spread in large areas of around 6 acres. One of the most renowned markets in Delhi. Other markets are also out there in Delhi which is equally amazing to visit like Chandni chowk located in the heart of Delhi, Khan Market, Jan-path Market, and others.

4.Red Fort :
Red Fort was the residence of the Mughal emperors in the Mughal Era. Red Fort was declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 2007. Built by Shahjahan. It is\\ one of the famous historical monuments constructed using Red sand therefore known as Red Fort. It’s a  worth visiting place as you get to see such a massive fort nowhere can also see the different palace, museums, and hall inside the Fort. It is decorated with beautiful marble which adds more beauty to the fort.

5.National Zoological Park :
Initially known as Delhi Zoo now has received the status of National park. Here you can enjoy watching Tigers, monkeys, Antelopes and other different species of animals and birds. This zoo is providing shelter to about 1350 animals. Animals teach us humanity, which is not being followed by many of us. For children, this is the best place to visit and also for those who love animals. It’s a great place you can visit in Delhi.

6.National Museum, New Delhi :
As it is one of the Largest Museum present in India one should not miss visiting this museum. It has artifacts from Harappan Civilization which is quite interesting. And the good news is you can carry your cameras with you as photography is permitted can also find different art galleries in the museum which take us in that period.

Other than the places mentioned above there are different kinds of places you can explore in Delhi. It’s such a beautiful place that you will just enjoy being here 

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