Scope of Tourism in India

India is known for its diverse culture, great history, beautiful and stunning places all around the country, hill-stations, climate and many travelers around the world love to visit and enjoy being in India. Tourism Industry in India has grown rapidly in the last few years, which helped in the growth of country’s economy contributed to increasing foreign exchange and employment. There is a great scope for tourism in India.

India is among the top tourist destination for many visitors and travelers. According to the newly published report of World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).India’s travel and tourism sector ranks 7th in the world. There is a great scope for tourism in India as there are 36 UNESCO World Heritage sites which helped to gain significance in tourism in India.

Tourism travel courses are also available for those who want to make a career in this amazing sector and explore more. The courses such as  -PG Diploma, PG Degree, Certificate courses, Diploma courses, Degree courses, etc.

Travelers around the world visit India throughout the year. On the occasion of Independence Day, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged people to visit 15 domestic tourist destinations In India by 2022 to promote Tourism in India. India is on the 3rd position for total contribution in GDP for 2018
The percentage of travelers from different parts of the world and domestic travelers are increasing years after years as India is among the very few countries that encourage a different kind of tourism, the different kind of tourism provided in India are –

-Cultural tourism
-Heritage Tourism
-Adventure Tourism
-Wildlife tourism
-Health tourism

Every state in India has something unique about itself. India is a place where everyone is welcome and for those who visit India for the very first time they carry amazing memories with them, and they are just amazed by the love they received from the people in India

Right from Jammu Kashmir to the small state Goa, India is completely outstanding. So to promote and multiply the number of visitors various national policies regarding tourism are drawn by the government of India since 2002 which has proved to be very successful these days.

Tourism Industry in India is growing incredibly at a great speed. In the tourism sector, we see a remarkable change. India is among the most visited country. Tourism in India is the largest industry. As per the report, the total number of jobs have been created in India with the growth of tourism.  

Looking at all this point what we can sum up is In India tourism has a wide and vibrant scope because of its geographical importance, the uniqueness that every single state in India offers to different visitors all around the globe.

In the upcoming years it is going to be in the top list of service sectors, be it employment, contributing to the country GDP tourism sector has to achieve great success. Many people are being attracted to the tourism sector and trying to explore more and more. The government of India is also encouraging tourism in India. It will be helping to build a great relationship with other countries and its also beneficial for India’s growth.   

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Scope of Tourism in India

Amar Ajnalkar