20 Terms Every Python Developer Should Know

As a popular and widely used programming language, Python has its own set of terminology that every Python developer should be familiar with. Here are 20 terms that every Python developer should know:

  1. Algorithm: A set of rules used to solve a problem or perform a task in a specific and well-defined manner.
  2. API: An interface that allows different software systems to communicate with each other.
  3. Boolean: A data type that can take on two values, True or False.
  4. Class: A blueprint for creating objects that defines its attributes and methods.
  5. Conditional Statement: A statement that allows for the execution of code based on a specific condition.
  6. Dictionary: An unordered collection of key-value pairs, where each key maps to a value.
  7. Exception: An error that occurs during the execution of a program and halts its normal flow.
  8. Function: A self-contained block of code that performs a specific task and can be called multiple times.
  9. List: An ordered collection of elements, which can be of any data type.
  10. Loop: A block of code that repeats a set of instructions until a specific condition is met.
  11. Module: A file containing Python definitions and statements that can be reused in multiple programs.
  12. Object: An instance of a class that can be used to access the class’s attributes and methods.
  13. Package: A collection of modules that are organized in a specific directory structure.
  14. Parameter: A value passed to a function or method when it is called.
  15. Python Standard Library: A collection of modules that are included with the Python installation and provide common functions and utilities.
  16. Recursion: A technique in which a function calls itself in order to solve a problem.
  17. Regular Expression: A pattern used to match strings and manipulate text.
  18. Tuple: An immutable, ordered collection of elements, which can be of any data type.
  19. Variable: A container that holds a value, and its value can be changed during the execution of a program.
  20. Zen of Python: A collection of software design principles that emphasize readability, simplicity, and beauty in Python code.

These 20 terms are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the vocabulary of a Python developer. However, understanding these terms will give you a solid foundation to build upon as you continue to learn and grow as a Python developer

Amar Ajnalkar