Geography its Branches and scope in geography

Geography is the branch of science which deals with the study of the earth. This is a very simple definition of Geography. Broadly speaking geography is all about the description of Earth. Eratosthenes is known as the Father of Geography as the term was coined by him. Mostly it emphasizes the study of nature and human beings. Do you want to know more about Geography its Branches and scope in geography?

Geography subject is very interesting because it is closely related to other disciplines, concerned with the study of nature and human interaction. Humans are an integral part of nature and nature has imprints of humans. Nature has always influenced different aspects of human life.

There are three main branches of geography-

1.Physical geography
2.Human geography 
3.Environmental geography

1.Physical geography – physical geography is the study of various processes that shapes the Earth’s surface, its the scientific study of natural features formed naturally on earth including various landforms like mountains, valleys, etc. Here we also study currents, distribution of flora and fauna, a climate which is also known as physiography. Sub branches of Physical Geography are Hydrology, Geomorphology Glaciology, Pedology, Climatology, Biogeography, and Meteorology.

2. Human geography- In Human Geography we study interrelationships between the Earth and the human being. Ellen. C..Semple defines this branch very beautifully in his own words that” Human Geography is the study of changing the relationship between the unresting man and the unstable Earth”. Human Geography is further divided into these sub-branches that are Political Geography, Urban Geography, Social Geography, Settlement Geography, Economic Geography, and Population Geography.

3. Environmental geography third branch of Geography we are going to discuss here which deals with the interactions between the human and the environment. It also studies the impact of human presence on the environment. It emphasizes greatly on the relationship between humans and the surrounding world. Geography as a subject is a very interesting and exciting one. Because in Geography various aspects of earth, the origin of different landforms, and many other things like on climate, sky, mountains, rivers, water, each and everything present on the earth we get to know by studying this amazing subject.

Many of us have a negative approach to this subject when it comes to making a career in Geography. Very few are known about the great opportunity one can have in this subject. As a subject, it has a great scope. We need to talk about the scope with our students, and where the knowledge can be applied this also should be better known to them. So, we have great geographers in the future.

Scope of Geography:
Geography has a great scope. If anyone who is interested to be a geographer or want to study this amazing subject you can choose these stream by first completing your High School (i. e 12th) after that go for either graduation in BA or B.Sc in (geography).

There are different options, once you complete your graduation. Many choose to be a professor by completing their M. Sc and by clearing NET-CET examinations. Once you clear this exam you get a high salary job in any teaching institute as a geography professor. Those you want to clear this exam you should start preparing for it as early as possible, from your graduation years itself. You can also do your M. Phil, and research work. But it has a great scope, in different fields which are not known to many of us.

You can find a job as a cartographer or you can also for the go for GPS and Remote Sensing courses which are related to modern satellite Technologies. Great career opportunities are available as an Urban and regional city planner. climatologist is one the exciting career option, you can find a job at a different government or local climatologist center after being a climatologist. Be a geographer and explore this beautiful earth and its different aspects, by your knowledge.

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