Does writing help you to remember better than reading?

Does writing help you to remember better than reading?
What do you think? Many may have a debate on this topic. Let’s see further which is better and see does writing helps you remember better than reading?

Reading and writing both have their own significance. Reading helps you gather more and more knowledge on the other hand when you want to convey it better, you can present by writing it down. Memorizing or recalling exactly what you have read is quite difficult, but when you note it down perfectly in your own way in your own words, it will help you to memorize way better. Reading and writing are two sides of the coin.

Reading helps to learn new things keep you busy,  reading helps your mind to fill with fresh ideas, relaxes you, sharpen your brain, increases concentration, helps you to tell a story better to others, it is best to memorize when you are reading and writing at the same time. Reading is surely important because reading first and writing it down later, in your own words. Thinking for a while what u have read, the more u understand better, you can present your best when it comes to writing it down. I hope you have got near to your answer to the question that, Does writing help you to remember better than reading? Anyways moving on to the other point.

Usually, when you learn something new, you first gather information by reading. when you need to memorize it, some prefer reading the same thing over and over while some write it down in their own way using a trick or some story to memorize cause they find this way of writing very interesting and it helps them to remember it for a long time and also they remember it better when they are facing any exam. Reading can be quite boring for some people, but for knowing something you need to read. That’s very simple everyone will agree so the choice is completely yours, to go with reading or writing.

Reading it over and over or reading it once and writing it later is also one of the things people choose to remember. Virginia Woolf says that read 1000 books and your words will flow like a river. As a student when I think of this question that” how writing helps you remember better than reading? it’s quite difficult to answer this question because while I am studying I prefer first to, read and understand the concept, go through it thoroughly then writing it shortly somewhere and the things I find difficult to memorize for that  I make a short note by writing it down on paper so that when I am writing exam or I need to present myself or explain it before someone I exactly remember what I have studied.

 No one has a clear answer about this question, Is writing better or reading, but there is an advantage of writing over reading that is when you are reading your thought process is not that active, but when you are writing, at that time you think more effectively on that specific topic. Writing also helps to boost your vocabulary.whenever you are reading you need to be more focused, which is not needed while you are writing. Writing helps you to express your thoughts more effectively in your own way.

But its also true that reading is the way which helps you to be a good writer. The better you are in reading the better you become in writing. some people are more comfortable when they express themselves using pen and paper that is through writing. So from all this, we can conclude that Reading and writing are equally important in their own aspect, but writing somewhere proves more effective than reading.

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