Blogging for Business Promotion

If you see any website, page or any social platform, you will see content in it. This content guides you through your queries and helps you to reach your final solution. Content has thus become the most major factor in social life. We will try to understand here, what is Blogging and Blogging for business promotion.

Where does this content from? Of course, it comes from a BLOG. What actually is a Blog? It is information regarding any particular topic.

The blog can be used to promote and enhance your business. Let us see how to utilize it.

  1. First things first. The Blog should be in the range of 500 to 600 words. People get bored if it is too big and won’t even bother to read.
  2. When you write a Blog make sure you have set a Goal. Do not just mix all topics; focus on the main base point.
  3. Once you choose your Blog topic, research on it. Gather all the information, analyze if it is correct.
  4. Always make sure your blog as new information. Keep updating your knowledge so that your readers will appreciate your efforts.
  5. Create a fixed schedule of when you should post a blog. E.g. once a day or 4 times a week. It’s up to you according to your resources. But once you plan, stick to the schedule. This will help the readers to stay in touch with you as they will know when you are going to post.
  6. Make sure that your blog consists of 85% of content i.e. information they need and 15% of your business promotion.
  7. Keep checking what others are blogging about. This will help you increase your customers.
  8. Check sites such as Quora, Reddit, etc. You will find there what people are looking for. Are they satisfied with the answers others have replied to? On this basis, you will get new ideas for fresh topics. You will also learn how to answer to your customers so that they get satisfied.
  9. Don’t just write blogs for websites. There are plenty of sources where you can post your blog.
  10. Use different social media channels for blogging like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. blogging on these different platforms have different names
  11. Youtube – Vlog
  12. Twitter- Microblog
  13. Instagram- Photoblog
  14. On these different social media platforms, you will get feedback from a variety of customers. You can convert them into your leads.
  15. Create a calendar to schedule your posts. Check the time of the day when you get a maximum response on your blog. When you do this analysis, start posting your blogs accordingly to reach maximum customers.
  16. This in return will help you to:
  17. Promote your business
  18. Generate leads
  19. Grow your business
  20. Once you know your customers, create an email list of them. On a regular basis email the link of your blogs to them. Keep in touch with them. Answer their queries. Keep adding new members to this list and try to get their feedback.
  21. Blogging is the most important factor in building Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You just need to use the perfect keywords.
  22. Use different Marketing Automation Techniques like,
  23. Hootsuite
  24. Co-schedule
  25. There are many more such applications. They help you to post your blog on different social channels and you can even schedule the time.
  26. At the end of your blog add these two very important features- ‘Call to action’ and ‘Share.’

This will allow the reader to call you in case of any query and even allow the readers to share your blog with their friends and around.

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Amar Ajnalkar