Best Dietician In Pune-Dr Rohini Somnath Patil

Best Dietician In Pune-Dr Rohini Somnath Patil

Rohini Patil a doctor, a nutritionist, and a dietician situated in Pune. One of the youngest and best dieticians in Pune. Rohini Patil is also a founder of Nutracylifestyle09 and Winner of the FSSAI Eat Right Award received from Health Minister of India Dr. Harsh Vardhan and Hon. Minister of State for Health and family welfare Ashwini Choubey. She was an athlete in school and began shaping a healthy lifestyle for herself. She is a great doctor and now working as a Nutritionist and dietician in Pune.

She helped many people transform their lifestyle and has many happy clients in the town and has also changed many celebrities’ lifestyles and shown them a healthy way of living and since a long time working in this field.

She shares many vital facts; she shares many food facts, nutritional facts, and social media platforms, helping many people. She is also a writer and a YouTuber through that Dr, Rohini is bringing change in many people’s lives. She is also a weight loss management specialist and has held many online and offline workshops on different topics like Skin Glow, Weight Gain, Weight loss, PCOS, and PCOD.

If you are looking to build a healthy lifestyle and transform yourself, you must consult her as she is one of the Best Dieticians in Pune. In the last few years, she has successfully made her name by her work; she guides you to step gradually toward healthy choices.

Many newspapers have also published her many articles like India, Indian Express, India Today, E-Times, Indian Express, etc. So if you have decided to move towards a healthy lifestyle, consult Rohini Patil and completely change your lifestyle.

Rohini Patil believes it’s never just a diet it’s always a Lifestyle and is working on the mission to bring the whole food to your plate and nourishment your soul.

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