Top 3 Multispeciality Hospitals in Mumbai

These Top 3 Multispeciality Hospitals in Mumbai, provide all the specialized medical treatments, has a staff of highly qualified doctors and nursing staff, include all the modern facilities, advanced treatments, and medical equipment. Different branches of medicines and surgery are provided under one roof. All the primary and secondary services are provided in a multispeciality hospital.

Mumbai hospitals are known for its best and world-class medical care services that the hospital is been providing for decades and many people from all parts of the country and world come here with the incurable diseases with the trust and hope that the hospitals will help them to get back to their normal life and live a healthy life ahead-
Here,  We will be discussing the top Hospitals in Mumbai which are known for their excellence in the field of medical science.

1.Bombay multispeciality hospital and research centre:
Established in the year 1952  by B.D.Birla.Considered as one of the top hospitals in Mumbai. The hospital has highly trained professional staff consists of 830 beds,3200 dedicated employees,32 operating theatre,200 residential doctors working around the clock.

Bombay hospital and research centre is acknowledged all around the globe as one of the top multispeciality hospitals in Mumbai providing all the modern medical facilities and healthcare services at an affordable price to all. It is listed in the top multispeciality hospital in Mumbai as it provides all kinds of treatments, includes different departments of neurosurgery and neurology, orthopaedic, cancer, nephrology, urology, etc are present in the hospital. the hospital also has a trauma care centre.

It is also renowned for knee, elbow, shoulder, the replacement did by the best countries with expert professional care and well-trained support staff. A number of patients share their amazing experience of recovery and the support they received from the doctors and the staff throughout the process of treatment. The hospital is equipped with modern technologies. It is also known for its International Cardiac centre.

2.Kokilaben Multispeciality Hospital
Established in the year 2009, within a very short period of the time span it has now become of the top multispeciality hospital in Mumbai.The only multispeciality in Mumbai with 4 coveted accreditations and JCI for quality and safety. This top multispeciality hospital in Mumbai has 26 specialty departments. It has a large infrastructure with 750 beds. Kokilaben multispeciality hospital has the largest bone marrow transplant unit in Mumbai.

Another specialty at the hospital includes nephrology,general surgery,ENT,urology,dermatology,vascular surgery,etc.Kokilaben multispeciality has a centre for brain and nervous system, centre for cancer, the centre of transplant. It comprises the largest dialysis centre in Mumbai with 42 units. People who are below BPL and are unprivileged are treated free of cost which is the great initiative started by the hospital which is making a difference in the life of many people.

Every person is treated equally and provided the best healthcare services. The doctors are highly qualified and have a caring nursing staff. Kokilaben Hospital is Asia’s first edge Radiosurgery system from the various medical system. This hospital is awarded for serving many patients and doing great work in the field of medical science.

3. Lilavati Hospital
Lilavati Hospital started with the mission” To provide affordable healthcare of International standard with Human care”.Awarded as the Trusted Hospital for the year 2019 by readers digest. It started in the year 1978 by Lilavati Kirtilals Mehtait Medical trust. Lilavati Multispeciality Hospital Department of critical care includes 77 beds, has 314 beds, ICU wards and is known for the emergency service.

Include SEWA, the social service department providing Free OPD, health service to the senior citizens sends mobile vans to Adivasi areas and conducts free health check-up camps also provides free medical and surgical services.  
As these Hospitals are working with the great motive of treating every patient, thousand of patients visit the Hospital with many questions, worries, pain but the specialized team of doctors are there to help each of them to alleviate all the problems and at the time the patient has completely recovered the smile of the person means a lot to the hospital and the staff. Every person is treated with great care by an excellent team of doctors.

That is why these Hospitals are in the list of Top 3 Multispeciality Hospitals in Mumbai.

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