E-learning the Future of Education

E-Learning stands for electronic learning,  learning connected with electronic media is e-learning. e-learning is teaching provided using a computer or other digital device, anytime, saving our time, money and environment.E-learning is for sure the future of Education

Bill gates say “Forget the university, the web is the  future for education.” Bill Gates believes by 2030, online courses can bring better education to anyone with a smartphone or tablet. 

E-learning Together helps an individual to develop in the true sense and also helps to get a professional degree without being physically there as we normally attend traditional classrooms where compulsory we need to present there.

E-learning provides us with aa virtual classroom, it is very similar to the physical or the real classroom. In the virtual classroom, the students and the instructor enter into a conversation using the internet by means of chatting, calling, video conferencing or anything else.

Students learn to recognize their own capabilities and speed. The geographical barriers to learning are eliminated. Singapore has become one of the world’s top education systems. Ngee Ann’s secondary school in Singapore emphasizes more on the use of technology, digital media, and the integration of 21st-century skills.

e-learning the future of education.

The teachers there believe that when kids are engaged, interested and that’s when learning takes place. They need to look at technology very meaningful, to make a very significant impact in the classroom instruction, to make a very significant impact in the classroom. The students there are no longer remained up to a consumption of knowledge, they actually produce knowledge. The teachers there believe that early the teachers really had the monopoly on knowledge, and they are the one that comes to the class to deliver that knowledge so that the students can acquire them.

 This kind of education system where technology is used so wisely, making the students more advance to compete for the growing competition, by gaining the best knowledge. This kind of education system should be implemented everywhere.e learning when we are giving tests in the class, After its completion, they have to be checked by teachers afterward, and then the results are declared.whch is quite a time-consuming process and also stressful for students as they have to wait for the results. On the other hand, e-learning makes this process very simple as the test is available for the students at one click, and also the result is declared immediately.

There is only a conversation within the student and the instructor in the class and the question that every student have is not cleared by the instructor, but in the process of e-learning with the video lectures or group interaction everything is explained so exactly and accurately by giving proper examples and we can watch it multiple times till our doubt is not cleared. This is the great advantage of e-learning, and it will help the future generation to consume more and more knowledge and make the best out of it.

It’s very beneficial for those students who like to study in groups. e-learning provides such students to connect with one another anytime, anywhere so that they can discuss and learn. This doesn’t limit their knowledge to a less extent.

There are many students who can’t get access to education because of their financial conditions or there are many girls who are not allowed to go outside and get an education. But through e-learning everyone who desires to study, they can study and acquire knowledge. This is a great revolution. who has the passion to study will not have remained uneducated cause e-learning is the best platform.

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