Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Every day is a new trend. Trends keep on changing every now and then. You should be able to adapt to these emerging technologies and always stay one step ahead in the market. Let us get friendly with the latest trends in Digital Marketing.

This will help you to enhance your business, improve relations with your customers and generate leads.

Voice Search:

  • The popularity of this technique is increasing rapidly.
  • Voice search can be categorized into two main types according to its solution-
  • The users get immediate voice answers to their questions.

For example Google Home, Amazon Alexa, etc.

  1. The users get written search results and this is installed on desktop and smartphones.

For example Siri and Google Assistant.

  • Voice search gives you quick results, so now people prefer it more and more.
Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Live Videos:

  • You will get to experience live videos on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • It is a very effective medium as you get to see the real-time version of anything.
  • It costs you nothing for creating a live video. You just need your smartphone.
  • It requires minimum time.
  • It provides you with real-time user engagement.
  • The impact it leaves on the viewers is greater.
  • Here you get to see the engagement of leads in the quickest possible way.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

  • Did you hear about the term ‘Big Data?’ this is what artificial intelligence makes use of.
  • AI can analyze customer behavior and search patterns by keeping track of your social media.
  • If earlier you were looking for some software courses, gradually you will see different Ads of the courses or related while using your social media.
  • It even guides the users, provides them with the information they are searching for, through conversation using ‘chatbot’ technology.

Social stories:

  • People are so addicted to social media now that day almost everyone uses them. From kids to older people everyone has an account on various social media sites.
  • A new feature has now emerged in most of the social media sites as ‘stories.’
  • At first ‘Snapchat’ had this feature and then slowly it became popular on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and YouTube.
  • On YouTube, it is called ‘Reel’ instead of stories.
  • Whatsapp has status.
  • On the stories of all these apps, you can post either images or short videos.

Video Marketing:

  • One of the most popular social media sites is YouTube.
  • Video marketing thus is the need of today.
  • Video gives a better idea about any topic rather than text or images.
  • With a new feature, you can rotate it 360°
  • You can sit in one place and can see the place located at the other end of the world. How fascinating!

Email Marketing:

  • Form the email list of your customers, you can find out who are the active customers amongst them.
  • Send mails to them on a regular basis. It should consist of good informative content. Keep updating them with information about your business and services.
  • Slowly they will get converted into your loyal customers.
  • Customers who do not open emails send by you for a long time or are not interested will no longer receive emails from you.

With these latest trends in Digital Marketing now you reach billions of customers. So get ready to conquer the world..!!

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