Email Marketing and How to increase Email list

One of the best marketing techniques available is Email Marketing. It is a very popular technique as it does not require any investment. Sometimes you may require to pay for sending 1000 emails at a time, but that cost is also very low as compared to other marketing techniques. Let’s know more about E-mail Marketing and how you can increase your E-mail list. Are you ready to know the more amazing marketing tips?

It reaches an audience who is really interested in your service. Thus, it has a higher conversion rate. If you want your product to reach a certain audience of a specific area, you can do that by email marketing. Email Marketing and How to increase Email list is a very easy and helpful concept.

This technique is cost-efficient as it is very easy to use and does not require a huge team. The content is important in email marketing. Sometimes you can also add fancy templates, images, logos, and even videos to make your email more attractive.

Just by one click, you can reach plenty of your customers. It is very to track your send emails and thus, it is very easy to find out where you are going wrong.

Your Emails can reach across the world. And you get to know who is reading your content by just sitting at your own home.

After knowing the plus points of email marketing let us find out how we can increase our email list.

The email list which we create at the start keeps on reducing every passing year. So we need to keep adding new mail ids to it to make up for our lost subscribers.

How to increase our Email List?

  1. Create a quiz on your website or blogs, invite people to solve it, n then disclose answers via emails. Thus the subscribers will need to submit their email id.
  2. Offer coupons, or coupon codes via email id.
  3. You can even opt for paid Facebook ads.
  4. Offer free tools or free software that requires to submit an email address.
  5. Join Facebook groups, Quora, Linkedin groups, etc. and try answering people’s queries. Mention your email address, so that they can get back to you via email.
  6. In your Blogs, add some bonus information only for your subscribers.
  7. On your website and blogs, make some of the content gated, so that the reader needs to enter the email address to continue reading.
  8. For additional entries, host giveaways.
  9. Nowadays live events are watched on a large scale, use it and start hosting Webinars.
  10. Ask your friends or subscribers to refer to their friends and contacts.
  11. Reward them with some discounts or coupons for referring you to others.
  12. Add offers such that it can be utilized only through email.
  13. Create entertaining and very attractive content and send it to your subscribers through email.
  14. Add an ‘Email to Your Friend’ button at the end of your content, so that your subscribers can forward it to their contacts jus by clicking on that button.
  15. Always add a ‘subscribe’ option at the end of your email.
  16. Add QR codes in your ads. Create these QR codes in such a way that it requires to enter the address for additional information.
  17. Offer ‘Guest Wi-Fi,’ it is free Wi-Fi which people can use by entering their email addresses.
  18. You can make use of traditional marketing techniques like asking email addresses to people at events or workshops or such public events.

These are the ways in which you can increase your email id list. Keep updating it on a regular basis..!! work more on Marketing and Email Marketing and slowly you will know more about Email Marketing and How to increase Email list.

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