Dos and Dont’s of Social media

Each and everyone wants to be the best in whichever field they are in. But how will others know about your abilities? For this, you need to spread it out to people about your achievements. This can be done by Marketing yourself. Thus marketing is considered the most important attribute in day to day life. Each and everything requires marketing, be it be your product, or service or business. It is very crucial to know the Dos and Dont’s of Social media before you start your marketing on Social Media.

As the world is enhancing, even we should enhance our marketing techniques. Social Media marketing is one of the most enhanced techniques today used for marketing. Almost 70% of humans use social media today. The young, the old all are now available on Social Media. So what can be a better method than promoting it?

But there are a few rules which you should follow while using Social Media Marketing. Few things should be preferred whereas few things need to be avoided. Let’s take a look at the Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing.


  1. While marketing any service or product make sure to fix your goal.
  2. Know who your target audience is, and then try to reach them.
  3. Always try to know the interest of your customers.
  4. Keep it fun-loving and light.
  5. Use multiple types of media while promoting like, videos, photos, graphs, etc.
  6. Try sharing different social media platforms at different times and then try to find out the best time your post gets a response.
  7. Always be consistent in posting.
  8. Be an active user, or else people will forget you exist.
  9. It’s well known saying that ‘Sharing is caring.’  So always share the information you have with your audience to show them that you care for them. This will always keep your audience faithful towards you.
  10. The information you share should be true. Before posting always cross-check.
  11. Interact with your customers on a frequent basis.
  12. If you get a negative review, keep calm and try to think about how you can improve it.
  13. If you have accounts on all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, etc. make sure that your profile is completely filled.
  14. Keep updating your social profiles on a regular basis.


  1. Do not post any article on social media with only plain text, same font, no pictures. People will get bored while reading it and won’t even bother to complete reading your article.
  2. Do not post any wrong information. This will make your audience to lose faith in you.
  3. Do not post before checking your spellings and grammar.
  4. Do not promote yourself or your business all the time. People will just start to hate you.
  5. Don’t ignore your audience at any cost. Because they are the ones who will help your business grow.
  6. If you get negative feedback or comment don’t fight or argue. Instead, take it as a new challenge.
  7. Don’t post too much in a day.
  8. Don’t spam or post any controversial content.
  9. Don’t post on every social media. Check which platform is useful to you and only post there.
  10. Don’t post if you are not sure about it.

I hope you have completely understood the Dos and Dont’s of Social media So keep posting and stay up-to-date !!

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Amar Ajnalkar