5 Best Social Media platforms for Marketing

People have now forgotten about the age-old traditional marketing strategies. Now is the world of digitalization. With this fast-growing technology even we need to adapt to it. People are turning towards Social Media for marketing their business, product or services. See which are the 5 Best Social Media Platform for Marketing, which will help you greatly in you your Business Marketing. There are plenty of social media platforms available. But let us focus on the 5 best social media platforms for Marketing.


  • More than 2 billion people across the world are using today, and the number of users keeps on increasing every day.
  • Using it is very simple and user-friendly. Thus people prefer it.
  • Other than just entertainment, people have realized then it can be used even for business purposes.
  • Almost all businesses do have a Facebook page.
  • You can use any format for your advertisement. It has all you need- Text, Image, Video, Stories, and Live Videos.
  • Facebook helps you connect with anyone around the world very easily.
  • You can advertise your business here free.
  • For a wider reach, you can even use the feature of paid Ads.
  • This helps you to reach to a targeted audience according to your requirement (Location, gender, occupation, interest, age, etc)


  • YouTube has almost 1.9 million users across the world.
  • On YouTube, you can create your own personal channel. For example, cooking, make-up, shopping, entertainment, dance, etc.
  • YouTube users watch videos for hours and hours every day.
  • Thus, you can use this channel to advertise your business just by creating a video and posting it on your YouTube channel\
Woman showing a WhatsApp Messenger icon


  • This social media App can be seen on every mobile today.
  • It is one of the easiest Apps to use.
  • It has gained 1.5 billion users to date.
  • WhatsApp is used in more than 180 countries in the world.
  • Thus you can imagine its use for business.
  • It consists of all the techniques you can use- text, image, videos, status, link share, etc.
  • You can form groups or even can join various groups for promoting your products or services.


  • Another social media platform used widely is Instagram.
  • It has more than 1 billion users today.
  • You can even switch to a business profile on Instagram.
  • This helps you promote your Ad by means of paid advertisement.
  • You can post here photos, videos, stories,
  • It has now even a new feature of IGTV. This is for the videos with a long time duration.


  • Tik-Tok has 500 million users, and they are increasing every day.
  • In the year 2018 Tik-Tok was the most downloaded app by beating Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Youtube, and others.
  • In this app, you can create videos, edit them, add special effects to them and add music to them.
  • You can even collaborate with others for increasing your views and followers.

 There are many such social media platforms for Marketing. All the above-mentioned applications are the best amongst them..!! Use these 5 best Social Media platforms and see how amazingly you can use it for Marketing.

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