Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing : Marketing simply means business or action of selling and promoting services and products using different mediums and methods. Basically here, we will be discussing the two types of marketing methods that are used in business namely Traditional marketing and Digital Marketing. As marketing is the inseparable part of any business and promoting services and products is the main motive to reach the maximum number of people and increase sales. Let’s see which type of marketing works better. And get to know more about Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

First, we will understand the difference between digital and traditional marketing-

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing –Using print advertisements, billboards, pamphlets, newspapers, radio, etc promoting the product and service is what we call Traditional marketing. It is one of the Oldest methods of Marketing, which ha prove to be very effective.

Digital Marketing –Promoting your products and services using the internet and digital technologies is simply what we call Digital Marketing. The number of people using social media, E-mail, and other platforms o the Internet is increasing. So, it’s one of the best ways to reach them and get the best outcome which will help you to grow your business.
Now, let us see which method of marketing proves  superior to the other one

In Traditional Marketing there is a Unidirectional (one to many) communication, where the information regarding the products and services is provided and spread by the company. The customers out there can just listen to it.
On the other hand, In Digital Marketing there are Multidirectional (many to many ) conversations, where both of them can interact with each other, the buyers can suggest the improvement which helps the company in many ways and draw different strategies. There is a Kind o involvement from both the side. So when it comes to Communication, Digital Marketing proves to be better .communication helps to build trust, which shows positive results and is one of the significant methods which helps to grow business.

positive and negative about digital and traditional marketing.

There is a number of people who spend a lot of time watching Television, Reading newspapers, Listening to Radio. So here, Traditional Marketing is one of the best methods to reach this kind of audience using an advertisement, pamphlet, etc. But we cannot deny that this number is declining as the number of people using the Internet and Social media is increasing rapidly. Internet and Social media provides the best medium to reach the Targeted Audience using Different analytics and research, it becomes very easy to reach the Targeted audience and its one of the best thing in Digital Marketing

There are many individuals who make the best use of the Internet and social media platforms, different task like transactions, shopping, banking, etc. But there is a large group of the population who do not even know about using the Internet. Here, Traditional Marketing does not prove the best option to reach them. Digital Marketing method is the only way to reach them.

In Digital Marketing, Digital Marketers who are working for the company or client, by using content marketing or using other options they always look to provide value to their audience. While in Traditional Marketing what happens is advertisers concentrate on increasing sales

Traditional Marketing costs a lot, manpower is required on a large scale where many of them are unskilled. Whereas in Digital Marketing, manpower is not required much and it cost very less in Digital Marketing. We can monitor the outcome which is not possible in Traditional Marketing.

Digital marketing proves to be more superior than digital marketing.

Looking at all these points we can easily we can conclude that Digital Marketing is surely way better than Traditional Marketing.

So try what works best for you this 2020, Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing and do comment on our blog Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing 2020. Share your own experience.

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